Red Plan APN

If your modem has been reset to factory default by inserting a paperclip or pin in the reset hole on the back of the modem the APN settings will have to be changed.  Please follow the directions below. 

If your APN doesn't match the one above click back out to the main page and turn the Connect Status button OFF if it is ON.

Then click the Manual radio button. 

Then Add New.  Enter VZW for the Profile Name and vzwinternet for the APN.  Then click Set as default.  Then click Apply.  Then click Network Information, below APN.

Now click Reset Connection and Restart the modem.  You will have to reconnect to the WiFi after the modem restarts.  After you reconnect check and make sure that the APN settings saved and that the modem is online by logging back into the modem.  If the modem is online the Connect Status button will be on and the timer and data meter should be active.

If the modem is online, try and run a speed test by clicking here.

If you are happy with the speeds you are done.  If you are not happy with the speeds click here and finish following the directions for finding the best channel.