Red Plan Slow Speeds or No Service

Please connect a phone, tablet or PC to the modem's WiFi and open a browser like Chrome, Explorer or Safari and enter in the address bar and press enter.

Next enter admin for the password.

If the Connect Status button is On, turn it Off. 

Next click on the Network Settings.


Next click on APN

This is what the APN settings should look like.  If your settings look like this please click Network Information and follow the steps below.  If they don't please click here.

Frequency Band Indicator shows what channel that the modem is locking onto.  Set Frequency Band shows the modem mode that the modem is set to.  If all of the numbers are selected then the modem is in Auto Band Locking mode.  It will search for the channel with the strongest signal and lock onto it.  That doesn't always mean that channel is the fastest though.  Sometimes it is necessary to find the fastest channel and lock on to it.  Power cycling the modem will cause the modem to search and lock onto a channel.  To manually change the channel (Frequency Band) the modem cannot be connected to the internet.  If it is, please back out to the main page of the modem settings and click the Status Connect button from On to Off then navigate back to the Network Information page to change the channel or Frequency Band.  

To manually lock the modem on a channel click the dropdown bar and choose a channel.  4, 5, 13 & 66 generally work the best.  After choosing the channel, click Apply. Then click Reset Connection and Restart.

NOTE.  You will have to reconnect to the WiFi after the modem restarts.  You will then have to log back into the modem.  See if you can run a speed test and note the results.  Repeat process if necessary.  Click here to run a speed test.  If you still need help please click here and submit a service ticket and we'll help you get the problem resolved ASAP.