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Get fast unlimited internet from your local cell towers with speeds up to 40Mbps Download.  No one makes it easier than us to try.  Sign up.  Get your modem in 1-3 days.  Plug the modem in and connect your devices to it.  Try it for 14 days.  If your not happy send it back for a full refund.  Cancel anytime.

Internet Plans

How Does it Work?

 Our Internet works off your local cell phone towers. So if there is a decent cell signal at your home or business then there is a good chance we can help.
We Make it Super Easy to Start Your Trial Period
Sign up on-line and you could be surfing and streaming as soon as tomorrow. Just pay for your first month of service.  There is no equipment cost.  There is no contract, commitment or credit checks either. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee if our service doesn't meet your needs.  Cancel anytime.  Just return the modem.  That's it!
Unlimited Streaming & Gaming with No Throttling
Get download speeds up to 40Mbps and up to 20Mpbs upload. Speeds vary from tower to tower and are based on your signal strength from the cell tower and number of users on the tower. You need 2-3 Mbps to stream video on one device.
Our Modems are Plug & Play!
Take your unlimited internet with you anywhere in the continental United States as long as you have LTE service. The modem requires constant 12V power.
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Have questions? Text us at (573) 343-4514

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*Be sure that you are connected to your home WiFi.
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Happy Customers

Great Service Out in the Country!

The BEST high speed internet out in the country! We have no trouble streaming TV shows and movies. Great customer service as well!


SEMO LTE Customer

Streaming & Teaching Virtually

I never thought I would find affordable internet in a small rural East Texas town (Jefferson, Tx). I’m so glad I discovered SEMO LTE! I’m able to stream tv and teach virtually without any problems!

Jessica R.

SEMO LTE Customer

Netflix , Work From Home, & Fortnite

We love SEMO LTE! Our signal wasn’t good and we weren’t promised anything - but we signed up anyway - and we love it. We watch Netflix and my son and plays PlayStation games, including Fortnite - with very minimal interruption. I am also able to work from home.

Rebecca C.

SEMO LTE Customer

Best Internet Ever!

Could not be more pleased with our internet! Wish I’d found it years ago!

Becky M.

SEMO LTE Customer


Frequently questions asked
Is this service truly unlimited with no data caps or throttling?

Yes it is. Speeds are effected by signal strenth, tower performance and network traffic. 

Is there a credit check or contract required?
No & no. The service is month to month. You pay for your first month's service when you sign up. You'll then be charged once a month for the service until you cancel the service. Just return the equipment to cancel.
I need help figuring out which service to order.
There is a link to a coverage map of each plan on each plan's page.  Please look at the coverage map for each plan.  If the first plan you order doesn't meet your needs we will send you another plan until we find one that does if possible.  
How does the 14 day trial period work?

Sign up on our web-site and we will send you an activated ready to use plug & play 4G Internet Modem.  If it doesn't meet your needs simply return the modem with the provided return label within 14 days and we will refund you or send you one of our other plans to try if you request.  

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