Slow Pink Speeds

About 20% of our Pink Plan customers are experiencing slow speeds and current outages.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix it.  These plans are no longer available.  We found another plan that uses T-Mobile's network and produces similar speeds based on our test. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee or even predict what your speeds will be but we will try and help you figure out the very best option for you. The New Pink plan is also unlimited with no throttling or data caps. If your speeds have been effected you may switch to the new Pink Plan or our Red Plan, which works off of the Verizon towers, for no charge. You may try either plan. If that plan doesn't work for you, you are welcome to then try the other one. If you know which carrier works the best at your location, pick that option. Pink Plan- T-Mobile/AT&T towers or Red Plan- Verizon towers. Please sign up on our website by clicking on one of the links below. Please enter the appropriate discount code at checkout which will change your price to $0 at check-out. Your new monthly price will automatically change and we will cancel your old subscription. We will send you a new modem. We will also send you a prepaid return label with the new modem to send back your old modem. The new plans will only work with the new provided leased modems, so using your own modem is not an option anymore. You must return the modem if you ever cancel the service. If the modem ever fails we will send you a replacement right away, no charge to you. We will have new modems in stock on Tues. Oct. 19, 2021 and will begin filling orders immediately.  Unfortunately the new Pink Plan cost $125/mo.  There is no contract or commitment and you may cancel anytime.  Of course, you also have the option to cancel your service now. Please let us know if you need a return label to send the modem back and we will send you one by responding to this email. If you only have a SIM card only please mail it back to SEMO LTE, P.O. Box 413 Marble Hill, MO 63764 and we will get your service canceled and any refunds or credits issued.

I apologize for this very frustrating inconvenience and am working hard to prevent incidents like this from happening again. Thanks again for your patience, understanding and business,

Chris Rhodes. SEMO LTE/ Technology One, LLC

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