To Existing Customers 11/18/22

Hello and I hope this Fall finds you well,

First, I’d like to thank you for your business.

Next, if you’re a Pink Plan customer you probably already know that we started having throttling issues a few months back with some accounts.  We have no way to know which accounts are affected.  If your download speeds top out at around .6 Mbps then your account has been throttled.  Click here to run a speed test.  We thought we found a fix with the new Pink Plan but are starting to learn that some heavy data users that hit 200-300 Gig of usage are being throttled too.  A lot of customers don’t ever reach that limit so are unaffected.  For those of you that do, I apologize because you should be able to use as much as you want with no throttling because the plan is advertised as unlimited.  My theory is that T-Mobile is squeezing out the old grandfathered unlimited plans that we are selling.  They can’t legally turn them off but they can manipulate the service where it is unusable forcing the customer to cancel.  The reason is most likely to make room for themselves as they start to roll out their own version of LTE internet and to bigger third-party resellers. 

To combat this, we have become a dealer for one of the bigger third-party resellers.  Starting next week, we should be offering 10 new plans from the 3 major carriers, AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile with one plan that is portable and works off of all three of the carrier’s towers.  It will automatically choose the one that has the best signal. 

The only unlimited option we will offer is our current Red Plan which works off of the Verizon towers. If you currently have the unlimited Pink Plan and are not experiencing any problems you may keep the plan.  If you ever start having trouble you will need to switch to one of the newer plans that we offer though.  The rest of the plans will have data caps but with amounts of up to 800GB per month will be available.  The average family uses between 200-300GB’s of data per month.  You will be able to request your usage for the non-unlimited plans and can switch plans again in the future at any time by submitting a Service Ticket.

We will have all of the plans available to order or switch to on the web-site soon.  For now, we do have a page with the plans and details.  Click here to visit.  If you would like to switch or pre-order now, please use the Service Ticket icon in the bottom right corner of our website.  You can switch plans again at any time with no charge.  We will have to ship you a new modem or SIM card if you are using your own modem.  We should start shipping modems by Monday Nov. 22. 

This change will also help improve our customer service greatly.  I know that it has not been good the past few months and I apologize.  If your service has been unusable, please submit a Service Ticket and let us know how long it has been unusable and we will get you a refund or credit. 

I’m sure you can tell that I’ve been pushing the Service Ticket Submission option.  This option should allow us to streamline the process and get any question answered or problem resolved as quickly as possible.  By using the Service Ticket it allows me to look at the problem or question and get it taken care of without making you wait on the phone while I gather information and figure out what needs to be done.  If you need to call, please leave a message if I don’t answer and I’ll call or text you back ASAP.  Please do not use FaceBook to communicate with me or to resolve a problem.  It just confuses the process on my end.  I don't have time to monitor FaceBook and your message or remarks may go unnoticed by me.  

If you are not experiencing any trouble from your service you don’t have to do anything but are welcome to switch to one of the new plans anytime. 

I will be working extra hard to get all issues resolved, upgrades, plan changes, cancellations processed and refunds or credits issued ASAP as the Holidays are almost here.  It should be a happy time of the year and my goal is for you to have Internet that makes everyone in your home or office happy.

If you need to cancel, please return your modem and/or SIM card.  If you need a return label, please submit a Service Ticket and we will email you one and get you any refund that you may have coming.

Again, I apologize if you have been inconvenienced by poor Internet service.  Thank you for your business, your patience and understanding and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

Chris Rhodes

SEMO LTE/ Technology One, LLC