What are my Internet options out here?

Just because you're off the Fiber path doesn't mean you can't still have fast reliable Internet.  You may have several good options.

Go Straight to LTE Internet Options

If you have decent cell signal be sure and look at this option.

So you live in God's country and fiber is not available yet.

Rural living can have it's challenges when it comes to utilities and services.  For instance, instead of tapping into the local public water supply you may have to have a water well drilled on your property and a septic system installed for your waste water and sewage.  With fiber quickly spreading and new wireless technologies available, your options for Internet may be more than you thought. Even if you're not lucky enough to be in the path of fiber for now. For most of you this will require some research.  We hope this helps and good luck!

Internet Options

Fiber is King.

Remember this, Fiber Internet is the King of Internet so be sure and confirm that it is not available at your address before you pursue "the next best thing".  If you see a crew of trucks like in this picture in your neighborhood then you may be close to getting fiber.  A quick Internet search, a few phone calls and/or talking to neighbors is the best way to find out if fiber is available.  Fiber Internet does require a physical connection to your home or business so plan on scheduling a day for the installation.  Installation is normally free but you will probably have to sign a contract agreeing to keep the service for a determined amount of time.  The installers will run a fiber cable to your home, drill a hole through your wall and connect the cable to a modem somewhere inside.  The modem should have WiFi built in but you should have the option to add your own wireless router or network switch based on your needs.  You should be able to get a package that will handle any of your connected needs like streaming TV and music, running smart home and security devices like doorbell cameras, connected locks and home automation devices.  Expect to pay anywhere from $50 up to $300 per month based on your needs and available providers.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is transmitted from a tower to homes that are in line of site of it.  That means there can be nothing between you and the tower. These systems are more popular in flat areas where the tower can reach more customers.  Sometimes existing structures like a water tower is used. Installation is required which will consist of a small antenna about the size of a coffee can usually mounted on your roof facing the tower.  Then the installer will drill a hole through your wall and run a cable from the outside antenna to the modem somewhere inside.  This modem should have WiFi built in but you can add your own network equipment via an Ethernet cable if desired.  The speed of the service can really vary with these systems depending on the provider.  You should do your research and check the reviews of any potential fixed wireless internet provider.  The technology is pretty solid and dependable but some providers have been known to "oversell" their service resulting in congestion and slow speeds during peak times.  Some providers may offer free installation and no equipment cost if you sign a contract and commit to keeping the service for a determined amount of time.  The speeds will determine what you can and can't do with the service.  Ask for a demonstration if possible or talk to any neighbors that may have the service and get their opinion first.  Plan on spending anywhere from $65 to $150 for fixed wireless Internet.

Satellite Internet

This should be your last resort when you can't get anything else.  Satellite Internet has come a long way but the signal still has to travel from the server and satellite on the ground 22,000 miles up to the satellite in space and then back down 22,000 miles to the satellite dish mounted on your roof.  Their is no way to eliminate latency with this much distance to travel so you can expect some buffering when streaming TV or music.  Security and doorbell cams can be slow to load and quick to time out if they work at all but regular internet surfing, getting email and stuff like that should work fine,  as long as it's not raining or snowing hard but remember this is your last resort.  Installation of a mid-size satellite dish weighing about 30lbs. is normally professionally installed for free on your roof or the side of you home.  A pole mount concreted in your yard is usually an option for a fee.  $100 is pretty standard.  You may be able to talk them into no charge.  It's always better to keep the Internet dish off of the house if possible due to it's weight and the fact that it requires 8 lag screws to be screwed into your roof or wall.  Expect to be without Internet when you get a new roof installed.  The dish will have to be removed then reinstalled and professionally re-tuned after the new roof is installed.  This will require a service call from the satellite internet provider.  Maybe for a cost maybe not.  There is normally no charge for standard installation (that's the dish mounted on the roof or wall) but you can expect to sign a 2 year commitment which really hurts when fiber decides to come along your way and you're still under commitment.  Expect to pay from $70 all the way up to $300 per month for satellite internet.

Elon Musk's StarLink

While also a satellite service, Elon Musk's StarLink is a High-speed, low-latency broadband internet delivered via low orbit satellites.  It's performance is going to be better than regular satellite Internet but has it's limitations too.  It is new and only available in certain areas. You have to self-install a satellite dish on your home or in your yard and run a cable inside to the modem. It can be affected by the weather as well. It cost $110/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $599. For more info and availability check starlink.com.

LTE Cellular Internet

LTE cellular Internet works off of your local cell phone towers just like your cell phone.  The signal is received by an LTE cellular modem in your home that requires no installation.  Just plug the modem into power, give it a minute to connect to the cell tower then connect your devices either wirelessly or wired.  Quality of service depends on several factors like signal strength from the tower and the amount of traffic or users on that tower.  Figure on the best speeds being around 80Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload.  The further you get from the tower and the more people using that tower then the slower the speeds.  Most provider's give a trial period to make sure the service is going to work for you.  With a strong enough signal you should have no trouble streaming and running all of your devices.  It helps if you know which carrier has the strongest signal at your address.  Cell phone boosters do help increase signal and speeds. Good boosters cost $300-$500.  We like WeBoost and they are fairly easy to install.  Plan on paying anywhere from $50-$200 per month for LTE Internet.  Some advantages to LTE Internet are no installation and no contract, commitment or credit check with most companies. It's month to month.  Cancel the service anytime by returning the modem.  If you're looking for something to bridge the gap until fiber is available and have decent cell signal at your address you should at least give LTE Internet a try.  It's definately quick and easy too.  Some plans are available directly from the major carriers in certain areas, so you may want to check with them first. Otherwise, there are many third party providers to choose from on the Internet though some are really confusing so be careful.  SEMO LTE has been providing LTE Internet plans that work on all 3 of the major carriers network since 2020 and has hundreds of happy customers from coast to coast.

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