Step 2. 4G LTE Modem & Setup

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Your modem or device may be different than the one pictured.

Our modems are plug and play.  There is no installation required.  They communicate with your local cell tower and bring internet into your home or business via the built in WiFi.  There is also an Ethernet port to connect WiFi routers and network switches.  WiFi extenders can also be connected to extend the WiFi signal. 

This fee covers setup and modem lease for the life of the service.  If the modem ever fails we will ship you a new one right away for no charge.  The fee also covers the cost of switching to one of our other plans anytime.  Different plans require a different modem.  Simply return the modem with the provided return label and tell us which plan you would like to try next and we'll ship the new modem out free of charge.  The fee is %100 refundable up to 30 days of sign up. If you would decide to cancel within 60 days of sign up we'll refund you $100 upon return of the modem. If you ever cancel the service you must return the modem to avoid a $250 charge.  We will provide you with a return label.