Purple Plan

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After you have added your plan to your cart please click here to add the device that is $135 to your cart. Your total should be $135 + the first months service for whichever plan you choose. 

Purple Plans work off of all 3 carrier towers, AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon.  The device chooses which one has the strongest signal.  It also works worldwide.  It has a battery that last 12-13 hours. Please note, unlike our modems for the Blue, Pink & Red Plans the Purple plan hotspot is limited to 10 devices or users connected at once.  There is no Ethernet port either.  It is a small hot-spot device. Screen Resolution depends on which carrier the device is connected to.  All Purple Plans have a hard cap when the limit is reached. You own the hotspot device. It cost $135. 

Purple50.  50GB of high-speed data.  Price- $100/mo. 

Purple100.  100GB of high-speed data.  Price- $110/mo. 

Purple200.  200GB of high-speed data.  Price- $120/mo. 

Purple300.  300GB of high-speed data.  Price- $130/mo. 

Purple450.  450GB of high-speed data.  Price- $140/mo. 

Purple800.  800GB of high-speed data.  Reg.- $160/mo. 

Need help figuring out which plan to try first?   Click here for speed test results around Bollinger County.  Click here and answer a few questions for us and we'll get back with you ASAP with a recommendation.