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Say goodbye to outdated slow internet. At SEMO LTE, we offer cutting-edge 5G Internet designed for home, business and travel. Our service connects directly to the nearest tower, delivering blazing-fast internet speeds perfect for gaming, streaming, and working from anywhere. Experience the future of internet connectivity with SEMO LTE!

Meet the 5G Cube

Introducing the 5G Cube – your ultimate solution for fast uninterrupted internet connectivity. Equipped with advanced 4G and 5G technology, the Cube guarantees lightning-fast speeds, even in the country. So, if fiber isn't available and you don't want to have a satellite installed on your house we're glad you found us.
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  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps

    100Mbps Plan
    Experience reliable, high-speed internet with our 100Mbps plan. Perfect for everyday browsing, streaming, and working from home, this plan ensures smooth connectivity for all your online activities.

    200Mbps Plan
    Upgrade to our 200Mbps plan for lightning-fast internet. Ideal for gamers, streamers, and households with multiple users, this plan provides exceptional speed and performance for all your digital needs.

  • Back Up Power Supply

    Stay connected even during power outages with our reliable backup power supply. Ensure your internet remains uninterrupted, allowing you to work, stream, and stay in touch no matter the circumstances. Perfect for maintaining connectivity and peace of mind when you need it most.

  • We Make it Easier than anyone else.

    Order on-line and get your preactivated 5G Cube in 3-5 days with free shipping.

    Plug & Play. Simply unbox, plug in and connect up to 64 wireless devices.

    Try risk free for 7 days. If the service doesn't meet your needs simply return after 7 days with the provided prepaid return label for a 100% refund.

  • Other Notable Features

    -No wait time. Cubes are in stock and ready to ship.

    -No data limits & no throttling.

    -No upfront equipment cost

    -No installation

    -Not affected by weather.

    -Portable. Works in all 50 States

    -No Contract. Cancel anytime.

    -No Credit Checks

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Back-up Battery Power

Never lose internet with our exclusive back-up battery power.

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