Contact Chris

Submit a Service Ticket Here.  The quickest way to resolve an issue.

Text me here @ (573) 343-4514. This is a virtual number, not my personal cell phone.  It automatically routes your message to my customer service software (ZenDesk)  to get your message to me the quickest.  Every message will be answered by me as quickly as possible.    

E-Mail me here @

Phone calls may be scheduled but are discouraged.

Here's why. 

1.  I try to return everyone's message as soon as possible.  Current customer's with technical problems always go to the top of the list, those being out of service top priority which luckily doesn't take a lot of my time.  My goal is for you to have 0 downtown.  A lot of times I'm working on several issues at once, when I'm on the phone I'm only able to help the person I'm talking to.  Zendesk helps those messages get to the top of the ticket list automatically so I can get them resolved and you back on-line quickly. 

2.  Billing issues fixed quicker.  Almost always resolved easily and quickly from my end by sending you a link to update your payment information.  You can also send a pic of the card to this number.  I'm the only person with access to it and I'll keep it safe and secure for you.  When you update it yourself with the link I can only see the last 4 numbers of the card from my end.

3.  Our conversation's are stored so when you contact me about something, any conversation we've had in the past will come up and I know what what's going on before we even start.  It also gives me time to look up information and get it to the proper channels on my support end.  Most of the time the Activations Department.  If you can leave as many details like the name on the account and details about the issue it takes me a matter of seconds to copy and paste that info into a message to the Activations Department and they have a large network of people to start working on the issue.  It's a pretty smooth process.  The quickest and easiest method for you is to submit a ticket from the home page of the website.  Scroll down until you see the button that says "Fix It"  and it'll open a form asking you for the proper information and letting you submit it.  You can see it here.