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Remote Thermostat Sensor

Remote Thermostat Sensor

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The Temperature Sensor Integrates with the Smart Thermostat for advanced functionality.  Add up to 10 per thermostat.

• Room Specific Temperature Control

Control the temperature of any room by pairing the Temperature Sensor with the Smart Thermostat. The Smart Thermostat will regulate the temperature by using the data from the Temperature Sensor in that particular room, overriding its own temperature reading. For example, if your Smart Thermostat is in an undesired location of your home (such as a hallway), place a Temperature Sensor in a common area such as the living room and have your Smart Thermostat use the Temperature Sensor readings instead.

• Averaged Temperature Readings

Create a more balanced temperature throughout the home and reduce temperature variations from room to room by creating a temperature set point using the average of the temperature readings from your Temperature Sensors and Smart Thermostat. For example, if there are multiple bedrooms, set the Smart Thermostat to bring the average temperature across all bedrooms to the desired setpoint.

• Schedules

The Temperature Sensor can be used with the Smart Thermostat schedule to provide comfort in different locations of the home during certain times of the day. For example, during the evening, the Smart Thermostat can make sure the downstairs living room is comfortable, and then automatically bring the comfort to the bedroom at night.

• Alerts

Stay informed of potentially dangerous temperatures by receiving a text or email to notify you if the temperature in one location is unusually high or low. For example, place a Temperature Sensor in the basement or attic, near water pipes.

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