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The SMART THERMOSTAT is the ideal choice for RV's. With its advanced technology and precise temperature control, this thermostat is perfect for keeping your RV at the perfect temperature without wasting any energy. Enjoy a comfortable and efficient RV experience with the SMART THERMOSTAT.

The Smart Thermostat represents the next generation of connected devices. Designed specifically for the Smart Home, it combines streamlined hardware, sophisticated cloud services, and an ecosystem of connected devices for an uncompromising energy management solution.  You can add up to 3 Thermostats to your Semo SmartHomes Control Panel.  Control the temperature of any room by adding up to 10 Remote Thermostat Sensors per thermostat.

Precision Comfort

With custom schedules, temperature presets and broad system capability, it's easy to always have the optimal temperature.

• Custom Schedules automatically adjust thermostat settings based on day, time and temperature.

• Temperature Presets (Home, Away, Sleep) make it easy to maintain the ideal temperature around the home.

• Integration with multi-stage heating and cooling systems enables more accurate temperature control.

Responsive Saving. Data from inside and outside the home allows our thermostat to automatically respond to activity, occupancy and weather patterns.

• Geo-Services, location-based automation rules, trigger adjustments for savings when the family is away from home.

• Extreme Temps feature automatically adjusts on extremely hot or cold days to reduce energy costs.

• Integration with leading utility software platforms enables instant eligibility and easy enrollment for reduced rates, rebates and savings.

Intelligently Connected

Our thermostat seamlessly integrates with devices across the Smart Home for an integrated user experience.

• Activity from devices and sensors around the home is captured to make better decisions and more accurately optimize savings and comfort for the individual household.  Our Smart Smoke/Heat Detector can tell the Smart Thermostat to shut down the HVAC system in the event of a fire as well as alert you and the proper authorities.

• Triggered Automations allow the thermostat to respond automatically to other devices like the security system or door locks.

• One, integrated mobile app makes the Smart Thermostat part of a seamless Smart Home experience.

Complete Control

You can adjust thermostat settings anytime from anywhere, and instantly know if someone else makes a change.

• Remotely change the temperature, turn on/off schedules, or set to away mode for extended savings.

• Get an alert if someone changes the temperature, or if the home’s temperature is unexpectedly high or low.

• Limit temperature control to certain users or within certain temperature thresholds.

*A Semo SmartHomes Smart Security System and an account are required.  If you choose installation we will contact you to schedule after your order has been processed.






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