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Introducing our Connected Vehicle Module, revolutionizing the way families stay connected and ensure the safety of their aging loved ones on the road. Designed to provide peace of mind and enhance the driving experience, our connected vehicle module offers a range of features tailored specifically for seniors and their families.

With real-time vehicle tracking and trip monitoring, families can stay informed about their loved one's whereabouts and driving habits, promoting safety and accountability on the road. Whether it's a quick trip to the store or a scenic drive through the countryside, the Connected Vehicle Module keeps families connected every step of the way.

But our module goes beyond simple tracking. With customizable alerts, families can receive notifications for various events, such as excessive speed, harsh braking, or unexpected deviations from familiar routes. Imagine receiving an Excessive Speed Alert on your phone, notifying you that Dad's beloved Bronco has exceeded the speed threshold of 85 mph—keeping everyone informed and ensuring safer driving habits.

Moreover, our module offers vehicle health monitoring, alerting families to potential maintenance issues or battery concerns, ensuring that seniors can enjoy their time on the road worry-free. With easy installation and seamless integration with our app, staying connected has never been easier.

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Digital Storage with Connected Vehicle

Coming soon!  We'll soon be offering 24/7 video monitoring with our video package.  Our professional Monitoring Operators will be able to access camera's to better assess situations and even deter trouble before it happens using video analytics, on board strobe light and 2-way audio capabilities for the Operators.  It's like having professional security guards on site 24/7 wearing night vision goggles and they never even blink and they can go back in time and show you what they've seen in crystal clear HD with the cameras on-board recording feature.  On-board internet and back -up battery power make sure everything keeps working, even in the event of a power failure.  No one else offers that! 

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